IndicaOnline December 18th, 2018

Update: Update December 18, 2018

New Features

  • Split Packages in Metrc:

    We are announcing more functionality to improve our Metrc integration that makes it easy and quick to organize and separate large lots or small packages expressed in different weights into different packages. If you have your inventory items organized as various packages, you would have to split your packages before you can make any product check ins in IndicaOnline.

    In addition, you can choose a Metrc product or create a new product while splitting inventory. You will be able to pick Metrc items from the list of available items in the Split section. If you don’t find corresponding Metrc product, you can create your own under the Configurations tab. If necessary, you can even add or create Strain variability to diversify your sales.

  • Metrc Product Items New Directory:

    Metrc Product’s new directory of items is now available. The directory allows you to search items by name, organize your items in categories, organize your items by facilities, sync existing and add new products.

  • Metrc Strains New Directory:

    Add information to your Metrc Product Items list by creating a new strain in the Metrc Strains Directory. To create your new strain profile, simply add your Strain Name, Testing Status, THC , CBD , Indica (%), Sativa (%), and choose a facility.


  • Create New Products for Compliance Reports in Saskatchewan Canada:

    For proper reporting, changes have been implemented for each Product type and the Transfer to Another Product management. Due to the compliance and inventory packaging requirements for MMJ products, each prepackage of a certain category will have its own Product Type. All you need to do is to set up New Product profile in accordance with our instructions and you are ready to go!


  • Fixed problem with new State ID registration for WooCommerce.

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes to bring you the very best IndicaOnline experience.

IndicaOnline November 8th, 2018

Update: Update November 8, 2018

New Features

  • [Canada] Added new product types for marijuana products.

  • [Canada] Added new inventory adjustment reasons.

  • [POS] Added warning when starting the order if the medical patient has an expired recommendation/doctors document.


  • [POS] Updated barcode scanning functionality. Barcodes should scan faster and more accurately.


  • Fixed patient balance owed for pick up and unpaid orders. Also, all patient balances are updated to reflect the real current balance.

IndicaOnline October 26th, 2018

New Feature: New filter is now available for the Sales by Day Report

New filter now tracks sales separately by the product type (mmj vs non mmj)

Steve Lynn October 16th, 2018

Update: October 16, 2018

In this update of IndicaOnline, users can now assign weight to pre-packages of flower and concentrate so it can be reported for State Compliance. We've also added sub categories for cannabis flower in the order profile: pre-packed, pre-rolled or bulk weight.

New Features

  • Add unit products with the weight. If you use Flower or Concentrate pre-packages as units, you can assign weight to those units. For example: if a 1/8 pre-package is set as unit right now, you can add 3.5g to that unit and IndicaOnline will record the sale of one unit with 3.5g in the pre-package. If you are in California, you will be required to report weight when selling flower in pre-packages and some concentrates.


  • Added identifier to the type of flower product in the order profile. In the order profile, you will see if the product is pre-packed, pre-rolled or bulk weight.

  • Renamed Packaged to Checked in Packages.

  • Removed the ability to check in patients to the storages.

  • [POS] Added patient name to the smart order assignment.


  • [POS] Fixed the display of products when a sub category is selected in the filter for the product list.

IndicaOnline September 5th, 2018

Update: September 5, 2018

The latest IndicaOnline update includes some of our most innovative features to date. We've launched the beta version of Route Optimization for our delivery application. This feature will optimize the route for multi-stop deliveries to avoid heavy traffic, car accidents, road construction, and other traffic delays. This will allow delivery drivers to fulfill all orders within a preset delivery time threshold. 


New Features

  • Added beta version of Route Optimization. First in the industry. The most advanced driver guidance and routing system for marijuana delivery. Set a delivery time threshold and IndicaOnline will automatically suggest orders that can be delivered within the set time as well as optimize routes for delivery drivers.

  • Added barcodes to the receipts from Elo Paypoint for smart order assignment.

  • Added drivers ETA on to the order assignment screen

  • Minor bug fixes and security improvements


  • Added a separate column on the product list export file for quantity in storages. Each storage and office will be separated and display individual quantities by product.


  • Fixed incorrect recommendation expiration date for imported patient files. Patients were shown as expired on the Patient List but were actually current when looking into the profile

IndicaOnline August 14th, 2018

Update: August 14 2018

New Features

  • Check-in of prepackages for flower products. Updated check-in pop up allows faster and more accurate product check-in. Total checked-in weight will be calculated automatically by combining all weight from the prepackages.

  • Added a new filter for MMJ/Non-MMJ products on product categories and product list. You can now sort products and identify MMJ and Non-MMJ products.

  • [POS] Check in of prepackages for flower products. Updated check-in pop up allows faster and more accurate product check in. Total checked in weight will be calculated automatically by combining all weight from the prepackages.

  • [POS] Added ability to refund products by scanning barcode. Scan barcode on refund screen to select product to refund. Unit products will be selected automatically by scanning and weight products will prompt you to enter weight.


  • Added refund date to the order profile log if order was refunded.

  • Adjusted the spacing on the patient agreement form.


  • Fixed problem with 500 error message when editing new or existing staff profiles.

  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

IndicaOnline July 13th, 2018

Update: July 13 2018

On Monday, July 16th IndicaOnline will be updating our POS Software to replace SAFE with the STORAGE functionality that will allow multiple offices to create their own storage. This will make cannabis inventory more efficient for businesses with multiple locations to check-in new products and track the inventory for each office. 



  • [POS] Added Storage functionality so each dispensary location can create their own storage for inventory compliance reporting.

IndicaOnline June 15th, 2018

Update: June 15 2018

New Features

  • [POS] Added wait time to the patient queue. You can now see how long the patient has been waiting for since the moment of their check in.

  • [POS] Added reminder for customer birthday on patient queue. You will see a birthday sticker next to customers name two days in advance of the birthday.


  • [POS] Added pos version on the bottom of pin number screen

  • [POS] Updated and enhanced Labs profile in pos.

  • [POS] Updated and enhanced Vendor profile in pos. Updated support for longer names and added display of the vendors balance.

  • [POS] Orders created without patient profile will now be displayed as Non Member as a patient name. Use updated filter for customer type to track sales for different patient types and non members.

  • Added ability to view your own hours in Timetracker.


  • [POS] Fix filter by order type when in Orders

IndicaOnline May 31st, 2018

Update: May 31 2018

New Features

  • Added new filters for reports and daily sign in sheet. Now you can filter orders by customer type (medical, recreational and non-member), by order type (walk in, pick up, delivery), and by order source ( in store, potify, woocommerce).

  • [POS] Added ability to search patients on the patient queue by swiping or entering drivers license or ID.

  • [POS] Added ability to manually add and edit employee shifts in a Timetracker.


  • Updated order and check in count in patient profile in the back office. User can now click on visit or order count and instantly view patient's order or check in history

  • Expenses removed from Daily Sign In Sheet. This allowed for daily sign in sheet to load big data faster. All expenses are now in Expense report in Statistics

  • Added refund history into order profile. You can now track full or partial refunds in the order profile in the back office

  • Return to vendor functionality is disabled. Use remove package in Packages to remove incorrect check ins


  • [Android App] Fix for delivery drivers when they were not able to check out the order.

  • [POS] Fixed display of taxes when taxes are turned off on the add to cart pop up window in POS.

New Features

  • Added date and time to the Order Activity in POS app

  • Improved speed of search on Product List

  • Added Vendor Balance to the Vendor List in Inventory. We now display total owed to each vendor on the Vendor List.

  • Added export button to the vendor list. Vendor list is now exportable to csv file. You can export vendors name, license number, contact information and the balance to the file.


  • Made minor enhancements and improvements to the overall POS system composition and stability. Made several visual enhancements.

  • Made minor enhancements and improvements to the overall system composition and stability. Made several visual enhancements.


  • Fixed Add Order button being greyed out. The issue when in dispatcher mode you click Add order and then click Cancel, Add Order button became greyed out.

  • Added paging to the patient purchase history. In some case with when going to the patient history and purchases, the system will take long time to load all record. This part is updated and pages added.

  • Fixed when subtotal was changed by 1 cent when click Charge button.