IndicaOnline June 15th, 2018

Update: June 15 2018

New Features

  • [POS] Added wait time to the patient queue. You can now see how long the patient has been waiting for since the moment of their check in.

  • [POS] Added reminder for customer birthday on patient queue. You will see a birthday sticker next to customers name two days in advance of the birthday.


  • [POS] Added pos version on the bottom of pin number screen

  • [POS] Updated and enhanced Labs profile in pos.

  • [POS] Updated and enhanced Vendor profile in pos. Updated support for longer names and added display of the vendors balance.

  • [POS] Orders created without patient profile will now be displayed as Non Member as a patient name. Use updated filter for customer type to track sales for different patient types and non members.

  • Added ability to view your own hours in Timetracker.


  • [POS] Fix filter by order type when in Orders