IndicaOnline December 18th, 2018

Update: Update December 18, 2018

New Features

  • Split Packages in Metrc:

    We are announcing more functionality to improve our Metrc integration that makes it easy and quick to organize and separate large lots or small packages expressed in different weights into different packages. If you have your inventory items organized as various packages, you would have to split your packages before you can make any product check ins in IndicaOnline.

    In addition, you can choose a Metrc product or create a new product while splitting inventory. You will be able to pick Metrc items from the list of available items in the Split section. If you don’t find corresponding Metrc product, you can create your own under the Configurations tab. If necessary, you can even add or create Strain variability to diversify your sales.

  • Metrc Product Items New Directory:

    Metrc Product’s new directory of items is now available. The directory allows you to search items by name, organize your items in categories, organize your items by facilities, sync existing and add new products.

  • Metrc Strains New Directory:

    Add information to your Metrc Product Items list by creating a new strain in the Metrc Strains Directory. To create your new strain profile, simply add your Strain Name, Testing Status, THC , CBD , Indica (%), Sativa (%), and choose a facility.


  • Create New Products for Compliance Reports in Saskatchewan Canada:

    For proper reporting, changes have been implemented for each Product type and the Transfer to Another Product management. Due to the compliance and inventory packaging requirements for MMJ products, each prepackage of a certain category will have its own Product Type. All you need to do is to set up New Product profile in accordance with our instructions and you are ready to go!


  • Fixed problem with new State ID registration for WooCommerce.

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes to bring you the very best IndicaOnline experience.