IndicaOnline September 5th, 2018

Update: September 5, 2018

The latest IndicaOnline update includes some of our most innovative features to date. We've launched the beta version of Route Optimization for our delivery application. This feature will optimize the route for multi-stop deliveries to avoid heavy traffic, car accidents, road construction, and other traffic delays. This will allow delivery drivers to fulfill all orders within a preset delivery time threshold. 


New Features

  • Added beta version of Route Optimization. First in the industry. The most advanced driver guidance and routing system for marijuana delivery. Set a delivery time threshold and IndicaOnline will automatically suggest orders that can be delivered within the set time as well as optimize routes for delivery drivers.

  • Added barcodes to the receipts from Elo Paypoint for smart order assignment.

  • Added drivers ETA on to the order assignment screen

  • Minor bug fixes and security improvements


  • Added a separate column on the product list export file for quantity in storages. Each storage and office will be separated and display individual quantities by product.


  • Fixed incorrect recommendation expiration date for imported patient files. Patients were shown as expired on the Patient List but were actually current when looking into the profile