Releases involving Steve Lynn

Steve Lynn January 22nd, 2019

Update: Update January 22, 2019

New Features

  • Process payments with Indica Offline Sales Mode:

    Indica Online gives you a new standard of service and a peace of mind in knowing your data is safe, secure, and now with the Indica Offline Mode, available at any time. This year, we are proud to announce a huge update to our IndicaOnline POS system. Introducing the new Indica Offline Sales Mode. Now you can push the limits of POS technologies with Offline Sales Mode to work smoothly and effortlessly to meet and benefit your business needs. Indica Offline Sales Mode has been designed to drive consistent growth in sales and generate revenue that exceeds your expectations. New capabilities of Offline Sales Mode allow staff to access and make adjustments to existing product inventory, access and make adjustments to patient/customer database, process walk-in orders and accept payments for an unlimited amount of time when your Internet service is temporarily unavailable. To ensure sales opportunities are never lost or disrupted, all offline payments, sales, and inventory information will sync straight into the IndicaOnline system and with Mertc automatically when your device regains connectivity. Offline Mode is designed to work for emergency internet interruptions and not intended for permanent use.


  • [Indica] New Label Template for Zebra 2428 Plus:​​ ​

    ​To accurately match required label forms, a new pre designed label template layout has been added for Zebra 2428 Plus printer.


  • Metrc functionality improvement.


  • Performance improvements and bug fixes to bring you the very best IndicaOnline experience​.

Steve Lynn October 16th, 2018

Update: October 16, 2018

In this update of IndicaOnline, users can now assign weight to pre-packages of flower and concentrate so it can be reported for State Compliance. We've also added sub categories for cannabis flower in the order profile: pre-packed, pre-rolled or bulk weight.

New Features

  • Add unit products with the weight. If you use Flower or Concentrate pre-packages as units, you can assign weight to those units. For example: if a 1/8 pre-package is set as unit right now, you can add 3.5g to that unit and IndicaOnline will record the sale of one unit with 3.5g in the pre-package. If you are in California, you will be required to report weight when selling flower in pre-packages and some concentrates.


  • Added identifier to the type of flower product in the order profile. In the order profile, you will see if the product is pre-packed, pre-rolled or bulk weight.

  • Renamed Packaged to Checked in Packages.

  • Removed the ability to check in patients to the storages.

  • [POS] Added patient name to the smart order assignment.


  • [POS] Fixed the display of products when a sub category is selected in the filter for the product list.