Steve Lynn October 16th, 2018

Update: October 16, 2018

In this update of IndicaOnline, users can now assign weight to pre-packages of flower and concentrate so it can be reported for State Compliance. We've also added sub categories for cannabis flower in the order profile: pre-packed, pre-rolled or bulk weight.

New Features

  • Add unit products with the weight. If you use Flower or Concentrate pre-packages as units, you can assign weight to those units. For example: if a 1/8 pre-package is set as unit right now, you can add 3.5g to that unit and IndicaOnline will record the sale of one unit with 3.5g in the pre-package. If you are in California, you will be required to report weight when selling flower in pre-packages and some concentrates.


  • Added identifier to the type of flower product in the order profile. In the order profile, you will see if the product is pre-packed, pre-rolled or bulk weight.

  • Renamed Packaged to Checked in Packages.

  • Removed the ability to check in patients to the storages.

  • [POS] Added patient name to the smart order assignment.


  • [POS] Fixed the display of products when a sub category is selected in the filter for the product list.