IndicaOnline May 31st, 2018

Update: May 31 2018

New Features

  • Added new filters for reports and daily sign in sheet. Now you can filter orders by customer type (medical, recreational and non-member), by order type (walk in, pick up, delivery), and by order source ( in store, potify, woocommerce).

  • [POS] Added ability to search patients on the patient queue by swiping or entering drivers license or ID.

  • [POS] Added ability to manually add and edit employee shifts in a Timetracker.


  • Updated order and check in count in patient profile in the back office. User can now click on visit or order count and instantly view patient's order or check in history

  • Expenses removed from Daily Sign In Sheet. This allowed for daily sign in sheet to load big data faster. All expenses are now in Expense report in Statistics

  • Added refund history into order profile. You can now track full or partial refunds in the order profile in the back office

  • Return to vendor functionality is disabled. Use remove package in Packages to remove incorrect check ins


  • [Android App] Fix for delivery drivers when they were not able to check out the order.

  • [POS] Fixed display of taxes when taxes are turned off on the add to cart pop up window in POS.